My favorite pillow – the Hippo side sleeping pillow

After my lumbar disc herniation was recommended by my physiotherapist me to buy me a 61czfz9gll-_sl1414_solid, sensible page sleeping pillow .

I decided because of the many positive voices that haunt the network for the Hippo side sleeping pillow by CENTA-star. Thought, bought and I no longer want to miss the good piece. But in turn:

The pillow measures approximately 130 cm. This is the right place for me and my body size (1.70 m). In handling, it is right that what is personally for me but beneficial. Just with my herniated disc, it is perfect strength, because there’s my body so to speak out as he should be. For me, after all, means a painless night.

I can wedge pillow to sleep on the page between my knees, without that I feel to tilt backwards. Certainly, this is due to the anatomical shape that has the cushion, because the curved shape provides a relief of the back and a good night’s sleep.

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I even summarize the positive points for clarity:

  • Anatomically correct form
  • Ideal length for average body size
  • Correct height
  • Firm, but not hard – just right for filling
  • Where there is plenty of light, usually also shadow found there the Hippo side sleeping pillow is no exception.

But my criticism is not the actual cushion, but the reference is aimed. He is so thin that Shimmers through the blue of the Hippo pillow, also I feel personally about this white reference from Terry as completely out of place. He scratches and looks not really appealing.

Fortunately, my wife is fixed with the sewing machine, so she has sewn just a wonderful, soft and cuddly cover

For completeness, I would like to even enumerate the drawbacks of the Hippo side sleeping pillow :

The cover is washable while, but he is so thin, that shines through the blue of the cushion.
So, it’s also. On the ugly cover – for the cushion can nothing – everything is 1000 percent so that on the one hand, it helps me find the correct sleeping position and on the other hand, it keeps me in this situation.

Results: I sleep through the night, I appreciate a good night’s sleep and could easily solve the tiny problem with the reference.