My favorite pillow – the Biona side sleeping pillow

We have bought the pillow of Biona for our 17-year-old son, because he is a stomach sleeper, recently however complains about neck problems . He was eyeing the 2 meter long “Banana” extremely suspicious, wanted to give it a try but despite strong skepticism and took the Biona side sleeping pillow in bed. Since that first night sleep our son with the Biona on the page and there is no talk of neck pain. On the contrary, he enthuses almost by this pillow – what is for our silent son than to write a small sensation.

side pillows

The Biona side sleeping pillow

Of course, I took me the pillow due to his enthusiastic response and tried it myself, as my son stayed away. I must say I’m home from side. Well I did like that the cushion supported my sleep pleasantly in the lateral position without disturbing me. It was a reading at a high level. This is certainly the geflauschten polyester sticks that are used as filling. They clump together and also not forgiven himself. Pillow to sleep on the page was in principle the next morning still in the same form which it had on the previous evening. To make it short – I also bought myself such a side bed cushions, because finally I can not just take away the pillow my son…

However, there is a point, which is not quite as good like me – and I would like to mention also. So, the cover has a zipper though, but this is located on the short side. Since I often wash my sleeping utensils as Anallergy, it is a hassle, until everything is down-or related. A cushion with 2 metres in length that is truly no pleasure – and I again honestly admit to belong to the Group of impatient persons. But it’s bugging me. However, I would buy it again at any time.