A pregnancy changes the whole life, they say. That is true, but the changes are not only life, but also the night. A pregnant woman on a relaxed night’s sleep needs change constantly. Not only in the third trimester of pregnancy, but generally from the beginning while it is of course harder with increasing abdominal girth, relaxed and relaxing to sleep. How one embeds itself so it is says a further figure of speech. Even though this saying can symbolically stand for many areas, so it applies to completely but in relation to pregnancy, because the quality of sleep depends on not only the mattress off, but also by the pillows.

The night can come with the motherhood tasks and nursing pillows . This is true not only for pregnant women, but for all those who sleep like on the page. The wonderful convenience of the Spezialkissens is based on the form of motherhood, it is modeled after an elongated “C”.

What advantages does the motherhood pregnancy pillow?

A major selling point of the so-called “Breastfeeding and cushion” is certainly its versatility. Pregnant women enjoy a relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep and breastfeeding mothers have a valuable aid in the form of the cushion. The motherhood is ideally suited as a cozy corner for the infant. In General convinced the cushion into the function as the side bed cushions – even without baby belly. How many people plagued with back problems and find just no comfortable sleeping position. With a such a pillow like the motherhood pregnancy pillow is motherhood back-friendly attitude promoted and supported.pregnancy-pillows

Causative for this comfort the elongated shape with the two curved ends – is similar to in addition to the materials of the letter “C”. The motherhood pregnancy pillow is extremely high quality, which can be seen at first glance. The cover is made of 100 percent cotton and can easily be washed in a washing machine. He has been tested to Öko-Tex standard 100. The filling is fibre balls (Lentex ball), who points with hypo-allergenic properties.

Those were the facts, but the best material is useless, if the comfort is wrong. Exactly that’s the beauty of the motherhood: pregnant or non-pregnant, the pillow is a perfect solution for side offered. It is high quality and convenient – ergo an ideal marriage, based on the pillars of intelligent flexibility.

Why is the motherhood pregnancy pillow so easy?

Imagine in a lateral position. Her head resting on the upper half of the elongated cushion. pillows-pregBetween your two knees jammed the lower end, and the bow of the “C” wrapped gently and smooth your back. Sound fantastic? It is also, so much is clear. Of course, you can create the pillow against your body, to stabilize your legs, your hips and arms.
The positive aspects of Motherhood cushion to the point
The cover and inner sleeve are washable at 60 degrees.
Although it is referred to as pregnancy pillows, it is suitable for all page sleeper.
High-quality processing of the entire cushion.
Outstanding quality of the materials used (certified according to Öko-Tex standard 100)
No blocking of the Interior (Lentex ball fibre balls)

The motherhood and pregnancy cushion in detail

Comfort the best pregnancy pillow

The convenience and the cuddle factor are undoubtedly awesome. The reasons are grounded in the “C” shape of the cushion, as well as the processed material. This perfect blend conjures up an effective means to the pleasant and relaxed to sleep through the night, with pregnancy belly, or as a side of the cushion. Who sleeps on the side, has back problems, or forward to adolescent offspring, undergoes a real help with the motherhood tasks and nursing pillows . On the couch, in bed, than sleeping pillow, nursing pillow, are you as place for the infant-to – be convinced.

pregnancy pillow


The manufacturer attaches great importance to quality sound and high-quality. This is evident on excellence of the cover as well as on the inside. The cushion is altogether easy to clean and durable. Processing leaves nothing to be desired – the thumb can be stretched with justifiably upwards in terms of processing and quality.

The price in relation to the product

The motherhood pregnancy pillow is worth his money, because it convinces in all required points, starting in quality up to the comfort and the care properties. The special pillow provides a sensation of Sun, it supports, and not of course leaves enough “stuffed freedom” – with the pillows to sleep on page.

And what about the drawbacks?

Where there is light, there are also shadows. But when it comes to the motherhood pregnancy pillow , it seems always point to be – 12 o’clock and therefore no shadow is present. Of course it can be a take some time to get accustomed to your body on the unusual pillow, but is the one downside? Rather not.pregnancy-pillow


schwangerschaftskissenThe motherhood pregnancy pillow is both for pregnant women as well as for side a probate solution finding to restful sleep. Due to its design, which resembles an elongated “C”, the cushion adapts perfectly to the body, stabilized him and gives him support. It is still soft and cuddly. The filling is made from high-quality fibre balls, which does not clump up together and significantly relieve the spine. Thus, the motherhood pregnancy pillow is an ideal solution for all page sleepers – with or without baby belly.

Ultimately there to tell three things about the motherhood pregnancy pillow:

  • It is convenient.
  • It is incredibly convenient.
  • It is so comfortable that it will be in the future hard to leave the bed, pregnant or not.