Parts Of A Refrigeration System

There were times when your good old ancestors used to do even the household work manually. Then came to the industrial revolution and a part of the work was handled by machines in the 19th century. In the last century, it was the discovery of electricity, electronic appliances, and internet that set the pace for technology to move at a fast pace. Visualize for a moment, the electronic appliances in your home. How many can you count on your fingers? There may be many, but some assume prime importance such as washing machine and refrigerator. A washing machine helps your spouse save energy, time and money on the weekends. On the weekdays, it is the refrigerator which is on active duty all time. It assists in making our food remain cold and fresh.

A prime importance of innovation has been the development of refrigeration for thebe nefit of mankind. However, similar to any electronic appliance, this also has some basic components which are outlined in this article.

The Main Components of a Refrigeration System

1. Evaporator

The main responsibility of an evaporator is to take off the unwanted heat from any of the products in the refrigerator by liquid refrigerants. Do we need to say that the fluid will always be at low pressure? In fact, the low pressure is always judged by two factors. The heat that gets transferred to the refrigerant from the product. The other factor is compressor’s part – removal of low pressure vapour and making the atmosphere remain cool.

2. Thermostatic Expansion Valve or TXV

You find this valve prior to the evaporator. In fact, it is located at the end of liquid line. Its main purpose is to control the refrigerant level that is flowing to the evaporator.

The other benefit of the device is dividing the high as well low pressure sides of the air conditioning system. By means of the liquid line of the system, the liquid refrigerant (high pressure) makes an entry to the valve. But in the presence of TVX, the level of liquid refrigerant that enters the valve will be reduced.

3. Capacity Control System

The name speaks for itself. It is this system that can regulate the power as well energy consumption. It can also manage dehumidification or reduce the cycling of compressor. In fact, the switch on/off cycling of the compressor is considered the most simple form in capacity control.

4. Compressor

To be explained in simple words, this part of the refrigerator (in fact, the most important) pulls the low pressure/temperature vapour from evaporator via the suction line. The vapour will be subjected to pressure which gives rise to high temperature. So it is the compressor which releases the heat.

If you compare the fridge to a human body, compressor can be regarded as the heart of the refrigerator. It makes changes in the pressure to do the cooling. It does its physical activity via the electric motor. In fact, it is this part which consumes major part of the electricity. In fact, it is located back to the refrigerator. Even in warranty, the prime importance is given to the compressor. So when buying any fridge, ensure that you buy many years of warranty on the compressor.

5. Condenser

The part which can easily extract heat from refrigerant. It is the fans located over the condenser unit which draws air atop the condenser coils. For condensation, the temperature has to be within 12 degree Celsius to -1 degree Celsius. The vapour, once cooled, will become a liquid refrigerant. But it will have some heat.

6. Refrigerant

The other important part of the refrigerator. It flows in the appliance and does the actual part of cooling. It is the compressor, which runs the refrigerant by the assistance of motor. The heat, that is in the refrigerant, is absorbed by the condenser.

7. Ice Maker

As the name suggests, it is the coldest part of the fridge. You can easily make ice in the chamber, and you can also keep frozen meat. The best place to store the ice cream.

8. Refrigerator Door

Can you forget the fridge door? It is the space where you keep so many bottles and other items such as the egg holder. It also has plastic rubber seals to avoid leakage of air and spread of bacteria. Shelves are the places to keep the items. Adjust the items so that the door remains properly closed.



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