Optoma projector  PK320 Pico is one of the most popular projectors made by Optoma currently available. And this thing is cool. This projector might have a small size but it has a big potential. I really fell in love with this pocket projector as I was running this Optoma PK320 review so I hope that I can keep my point of view objective enough for you see if this is the right projector for your specific requirements.

This is a great quality

The Optoma projector PK320 Pico projector is great because it brings together the image quality and brightness, attributes which absolute requirements for any business meeting or movie session from a quality projector. These attributes all come to you in a palm-sized profile which gives you a truly mobile projector. Whether you want wide screen presentations, share graphics or watch a movie, Optoma’s PK320 Pico pocket projector can handle the job most of the time. This projector is capable of projecting images of up to 150 inches and it will provide you with 100 Lumens, making this projector one of the most functional and usable products in the entire Optoma Pico projector line. But just be aware that 100 Lumens isn’t super bright, so try to use the PK320 in lower light situations.

It’s Classified

Optoma PK320 Pico is classified as a ‘travel projector’ because of its size and mobility. When you open the box of the PK320 aside from the projector itself you also receive an universal-to-VGA cable, a composite A/V cable (RCA to 2.5 mm) and a type A to micro USB cable. Additionally you also receive a rechargeable Li-ion battery for the projector, a power adapter and remote control with batteries included. Finally all of these useful items are also accompanied by a protective pouch, a Quick Start card and the very important warranty card.

 Optoma Projector PK320 Pico Features.

  • The 100 Lumens of this product are enough to make this product usable in rooms that are not entirely dark. The size of the projected images can be as wide as 150 inches, providing you with a truly astonishing visual experience from such a small device. The LED technology found in this optoma projector is amazing, providing vivid colors and a fantastic brightness. You have the capacity of controlling brightness, contrast, and two color gamut settings.
  • The PK320 requires no maintenance over its projected 20,000 hours of use. All you have to do is carefully clean the lens on the odd occasion. Also, this projector has a very quiet fan which won’t cause any noise issues.
  • The PK320 Pico projector will give you the chance to escape from carrying your PC everywhere you go, as it has a handy PC-free operation function. The PK320 includes an internal Microsoft Office viewer which allows you to share documents and files without actually needing a PC. You will be able to easily access PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files, as well as Adobe PDFs and all of this can be done just by connecting a memory stick to the projector.
  • What does the 20,000 hours lifetime estimate actually mean? It means that you can use the PK320 for four hours a day, every day, for thirteen years. This is the amazing feature that LED technology brings in your life, in comparison to the lamp based projectors. To better understand this aspect, a lamp-based projector would require to have its lamp replaced four times in order to reach 20,000 hours of usage, while the LED lamp can handle this period without any modifications.

A flexible size

The most important feature of this projector is its size and mobility. Coming in at only 4.7″ x 1.2″ x 2.7″ (120mm x 30mm x 70mm), this small machine has a slew of amazing features that are comparable to most regular sized projectors. Combine that size with its 1.9 lbs (873g) weight and you have a product that is easily transported from one location to another.

I love reading reviews of products, especially the ones that I love. I think it helps to confirm that I made a good purchase. Other reviews of the Optoma PK320 tend to reflect my opinions. One reviewer thought the PK320 had a “bright picture…. this one shocked me, in my living room with the lights on I could clearly see the picture when projected onto a wall across the room.” while another Optoma PK320 review felt that having “no more cords to mess with. Everything is in my pocket, literally.”

In conclusion to this Optoma PK320 review, I really think this little gem of a projector is worth the couple of hundred dollars it sells for. It makes a perfect projector for the road warrior as well as a great projector for families on the go and apartment living. For a serious home cinema projector I’d look at something like the Viewsonic PJD5123, for everything else this little guy will do.