Normal Lifespan of Popular Electronic Appliances

In the past two decades, work has taken over a major chunk of your daily life. Right from the morning till night, you work to satisfy expectations from the office members, blood relations and all. Hard pressed for time, you often rely on electronic appliances such as washing machine for cleaning the clothes, refrigerator for preserving the food, microwave oven for heating the cooked food and an air conditioner for keeping the house cool during summer. But although you may have a variety of home electronic appliances, it is estimated that regular maintenance will make the appliance work longer and extend their lifetime. Or else, your appliance may need service before the first two years of manufacture.

In this article, shall we look at the lifespan of some popular home appliances?

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1. Fridge or Refrigerator

The average lifespan of a fridge (brand) is estimated to be around thirteen years. But kindly visualize. They work 24/7 and may have to do extra work when there is a rise in temperature when opening the freezer or fridge doors. But they may encounter technical problems such as ice maker, freezer and drip pan. Are you hearing rattling sounds? Or does the fan of the fridge work overtime? Then it is time to fix the compressor of the unit. In fact, the compressor is called as the heart of the fridge. When you buy a fridge, ensure that you get the warranty of the compressor. It is for this part that you have to decide for either replacing or repairing the fridge.

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2. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

The average lifespan as estimated for these appliances goes from 15 to 25 years. In short, these engines keep the home heated as well keep them in the cool atmosphere.

In fact, out of the entire lot of home electronic appliances, the HVACs are the most expensive to repair. In summer, the cool atmosphere is provided, and in winter, it is just the opposite. In a normal temperature, it is left to you to take good maintenance of the appliance. Some of the problems that you get in these appliances are blown fuses, clogged drain lines, electrical problems, thermostat, condenser coils and air filters.

Symptoms of Air conditioner on the back foot – you hear the sounds, get odors, and a change in temperature.

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3. Dishwasher

The average lifespan of this appliance is about ten years. Under proper maintenance, it can extend its life by half a decade. But do expect the leaks from the hoses and pipes of the unit. If the plates including the glassware are not coming clean, then it is time for maintenance.

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4. Washing Machine/Dryer

As per home improvement experts, the duration of a washing machine (dryer) is a decade. Some of the problems encountered are leaks, noisy drum sounds, failure for drainage, and abrupt stopping in middle. Usually, the most commonly replaced parts are the drive belt and agitator. And when it comes to dryer, it depends on if the appliance is powered by gas or electrical power. When the dryer refrains from giving the required amount of heat, it is time to check the coil, belt, drum or thermostat.

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5. Stove (electrical or gas)

The average lifespan of a gas stove is estimated to be fifteen years; and for a electric stove it is thirteen years. Imagine, that one burner is not in use. Do you see the importance of stove when it comes to preparation of food? Similarly, problems may also crop up such as malfunctioning burner or igniter, broken timers and indicator lights etc.


You may get confused when you have to make the choice of repairing or replacing an appliance. Usually, as per the rule in home improvement, if the cost of repair becomes more than half the expense of buying a new appliance, it is time to go for the latter. Yes, the cost of the repair definitely matters such as age of the existing appliance, nature of repair and cost of the new similar item. In recent times, branded companies have also become smart by introducing versions of their products every six months or a year. So, when a old appliance gets repaired, there will be no parts for replacement as the model is long gone. You will, have, no option except to go for the new model.

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