5 influential factors to vehicle handling & maintenance

Proper handling of the vehicle is an important factor since the car’s always speeding, taking sharp turns and applying brakes; all these ask for proper management. A vehicle with good handling is convenient to drive with a sense of satisfaction and smoothness.

Take for instance a driver making a bend at 90km/h with a Mercedes Benz and another doing the same in a Toyota Corolla! It’s obvious which vehicle would give better balance and stability, however, we aren’t comparing both products.

That being said, there’re various factors to affect overall handling of the car and most of it deals with cornering and swerving when driving fast. On the contrary, a poor handling car’s likely to lose control thus raises the risk of an accident.

So the next time you’re going for Infiniti service in Dubai, pay close attention to the following features associated directly with handling.


Suspension mechanism keeps the vehicle balanced and the tires on the ground each time it comes across a bump or likewise obstacle on the road. A problematic suspension would jeopardize handling of the car which compromises safety to a significant extent. Have it checked in the first place!


Not just four circular objects that move the vehicle but the only point of contact between the road, tires are extremely important and a wrong set is sure to jeopardize the entire driving experience with safety. Standard tires that a car comes fitted with aren’t too large and soft but a balance between both aspects which makes them ideal to improve handling. High-grade performance tires promise the best handling and driving experience.

Shock absorber

Poor shock absorber means insufficient vehicle handling so its obvious shock absorbers play a crucial role in vehicles. They can absorb energy released from the car while keeping it in motion. Bad and untreated shock absorbers put both the driver and vehicle in peril, especially when driving at top speed on a trafficked highway.

Aerodynamic/Sleekness factor

The faster a car moves, greater would be the downward force it releases which means aerodynamics greatly impacts overall car. The downward force is what increases the car’s handling which is all the more important when taking sharp turns and cornering. Only a few ways are there to make your car more aerodynamic such as adding spoilers to the car, taking off the roof rack as well as reduce weight of the vehicle by taking out all unnecessary and unwanted stuff.

External elements/Weather phenomenon

External forces also impact vehicle’s overall handling. Rain and snow create a slippery surface which raises the risk of aquaplaning due to dangerous roads. Here, the quality and type of tire would decide upon the car’s handling and balanced drive. Mounting winter tires, for instance, would provide greater traction when driving on icy roads and the same goes for different tires per the seasonal shifts.


All these factors contribute to a car’s handling on the road and overall safety, essential for a smooth drive so be sure to have these functions checked at all times.Get the more articles click here