How To Extend The Life Of Your Dishwasher And Dryers

Do you live in a urban city such as Pune? Are you a nuclear family, comprising of yourself, your spouse, two children and the family elders? To sustain the metropolitan life, you and your husband go to work. The children to school. The family elders lead a retired life. And your home is full of electronic appliances to make the day peaceful. You do not have to wash clothes in the weekend because of the washing dryer. Neither do you have to prepare dinner at night, because your mother-in-law cooks lunch in the afternoon and keeps in the fridge. The same food works as dinner when heated in the oven. After dinner, with due recommendations, the dishwasher performs its job. So, even if one of the appliances goes on repair, the day schedule changes. In this article, you will be given information on the two important appliances in your home, the dishwasher and washer dryers.


1. Do Not Overload The DishwasherDid you have a family friend or relative visit the house? Then, the number of dishes for washing must be more. In similar situations, do not stuff the dishes in one time. You can divide them into two groups and then load them. In case of overloading, the dishes never get cleaned properly and you may have to wash them again. This will cause extra work for the unit. In an unfortunate situation, the water gets diverted to the bottom of the tank and can splash out beneath the door.

2. Power Surge Protection – Don’t you have a capacitor in your home? In the area of summer or winter, there may be power surges. A sudden power surge can damage the dishwasher, and also other electronic appliances. The unfortunate event happens when there is a hike in the home’s electrical current.

3. Scrape Food Off of Dishes – Appliance experts recommend on the scraping of food from plates/dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. If you do, the food gets caught in pump screens and washer arms. The drain pump, motor assembly will get damaged. Please note, there comes the fine line in taking the food of plates. If you completely swipe off the plates, the detergent will find nothing to attach itself and will end up on the walls, spray arms and racks. This will lead to cloudy glasses as well as film left on plates.

4.Dishwasher SoapThere is also a limit to use the dishwasher soap. If you use more, it will lead to the build-up in the interiors of machine. The performance of the appliance gets affected, and there will be unnecessary strain in the spray arm or pump/motor assembly.

Another rule is you should never place liquid dish soap in dishwasher when there is no detergent. The soap can damage other components.

washer dryer

Washer Dryers

The one appliance which any housewife rely on the weekends to save time, energy and money is the washer dryer. You should never let the washer dryer turn into a fire hazard because of its uncleanliness. In the US, it has been estimated that nearly 400 persons get injured and the result is 15 deaths annually. And many of the victims get treated due to poisonous gas fumes because of blockage in the dryer vents.never wash your diswasher with a powerful pressure washer

It is always mandatory to clean the lint trap in the dryer. However, it is not enough to prevent a fire spark in the dryer vent. Usually, the transition duct of a dryer is laced with vinyl or plastic. In times of adverse circumstances, they can catch fire. If you replace it with a metal transition duct, it will catch fire.

The opening of pipe (dryer vent) should be free from debris, bushes and birds’ nests. When the exhaust system is not proper, then it may cause overheating and threatens the home, safety and health. In case, you do not know, it is better to seek the services of a qualified professional.

Signs That The Dryer Needs Cleaning

  • Your clothes do not dry after the normal dry cycle.
  • You notice a musty odor in the clothes after the drying process.
  • The clothes are extremely hot after the process.
  • You notice debris inside the opening of outside dryer vent
  • The drying time for clothes is more than the required 35 to 40 minutes
  • You find that large amounts of lint is accumulated in the lint trap for dryer
  • You find that the excessive odor arises from the dryer sheets used in the drying cycle

What are the steps you should take?

It is advisable to have the vents cleaned by the HVAC specialist. The main reason, they have the required training and proper tools to clean the entire dryer vent of debris that happen in the lining of ventilation pipes.

You can limit the usage of dryer sheets if you have to dry clothes use and liquid fabric softener in washing machines.


Please note, you may have plenty of electronic appliances in the home. But, regular maintenance is needed for the proper working of every appliance. Let us imagine, in an unfortunate situation, even after maintenance, the dishwasher and washer dryer malfunction. So what do you do? If you stay in Pune, you do not have to rely on referrals and on established websites for searching the right handyman. There are a set of companies which provide doorstep repair services of handyman professionals. If your fridge or dishwasher is on repair, and the warranty has expired, it is still possible to hire technicians who have popular refrigerator service centers in Pune. All you have to do, is just download their app, and book for the relevant service. The concerned person will come to your home as per your convenience. He will conduct an inspection, and after your approval of the charges will restore the appliance to normal. Please note, there will be no hidden charges.

We hope that you have gained valuable information from the article. Did we miss a valuable point? Feel free to drop a comment below with your name and email id.Check out more home accersorries.