The debate on childhood vaccination

Time and again, the debate about vaccination for children has resurfaced among the communities worldwide. Parents worldwide are divided into two groups: one that supports vaccination and believes childhood vaccination saves the lives of their children while another that is against childhood vaccination and believes that it causes harm to their children in the long run.

While the debate will be ongoing, the truth needs to be spread to the community to ensure parents are aware of it. It brings more good than harm. Here is why:

Vaccination for children can save life

Kids vaccine prevents diseases such as measles, mumps, diphtheria, smallpox, rubella, polio and tetanus, just to name a few. The rates of these diseases have declined greatly in countries that practice giving children vaccination while countries that do not are still struggling to eliminate these diseases.To read more newborn baby vaccination

Vaccination protects people around you

The situation where a vaccinated community protects people who are not vaccinated is called ‘herd community’. Childhood vaccination helps prevent the spread of the disease to those who cannot be vaccinated due to certain conditions. These people include young babies, pregnant women, the elderly, people with weakened immunity and people who are allergic to vaccine components, just to name a few.Get the healthy and nutritious

As a whole, the community will be protected due to those with vaccination.

1. Childhood vaccination is cost effective

As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. This is also true in terms of financial bur denwhen it comes to vaccinations and treatments of diseases. It is always cheaper to  pay forvaccination than to treat after the manifestation of the dis ease. The treatments of some diseasescan be expensive which may be a financial burden.

The consultation fees and medications are often more expensive than vaccination, by leaps and bounds. Vaccinating your child means you will be spending less on their health as they grow.

2. It helps and promotes a healthier generation

Many diseases have been totally eliminated by vaccines. These diseases such as smallpox no longer exist and thus, the generation today is not suffering from it. Vaccination prevents the transfer of diseases from pregnant mothers to their fetus.

The continuation of vaccination will eradicate many diseases in the future and will result in a healthier generation.

3. Vaccines are safe and effective

Vaccines are among the greatest inventions of mankind since it has prevented and is preventing many diseases among children, men and women. Vaccination, once administered will cause small level of discomfort and may cause slight pain, discomfort and fever. However, these side-effects are negligible compared to the symptoms and pain caused by the diseases which may take a toll on the quality of life.

The benefits of giving vaccines to your little ones offers greatly outweighs the harm. Vaccinations, one of the greatest inventions in healthcare should not be treated negatively. Instead, it should be made a must to ensure a good life in the future.