ViewSonic PJD5123 is a high-performance projector

Best projector is The ViewSonic PJD5123 is a Light, Bright and Portable Projector. This model is one of the most popular projectors made by ViewSonic and it has a list of very impressive features. In this ViewSonic PJD5123 review to help you discover everything about this amazing product. The ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector supports up to 120Hz frame rates and it also uses 3D ready DLP technology making it great for home theater applications.Check out 3d printer desk reviews

The ViewSonic PJD5123 projector is a high-performance SVGA 800×600 DLP projector rated at 2,700 ANSI lumens and a truly amazing 3000:1 contrast. This projector can support both PC and HD video signals and it will project truly clear and bright images in almost all lighting conditions. The design of this projector makes it ideal for being moved from one room to another as well as throughout the office. Texas Instruments´ BrilliantColor technology will deliver brilliant, true-color and high contrast images which will make all your presentations, charts, or videos an unforgettable experience. This product offers a wide variety of hardware and software features among which you will find multiple PC and video input options, the 1.1x optical zoom, auto vertical keystone correction, 120Hz/3D-Ready, support HD video signals, and integrated speaker. The energy-saving ECO-mode will provide you with a longer product life. The PIN lock feature allows you to set a password to prevent unauthorized use of this product.

Aside from the projector itself, the package also comes with all the necessary cables to make it functional. This package also includes a handy book to understand how to make this product operational. The installation process is extremely easy if you will follow the steps described in the instructions manual.

Features of the ViewSonic PJD5123:

  • Using less watts per lumen than all the other comparable projectors, the PJD5123 has a 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and is the bright choice for business, education, mobile and home presenters.
  • The color delivered by a projector is one of its most important characteristics and the BrilliantColor technology which is found in this projector can deliver a stunning all-digital clarity that has a lifelike color and some sharp graphics. Due to the multi-color processing, the colors created by this product are richer and more vibrant, having exquisite and precise is the best projector in the marketplace.
  • Advanced DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology will allow you to experience crystal clear, razor-sharp and lifelike images. These is the same DLP technology that the Hollywood movie industry relies on. The response time is 1,000 times faster than similar LCD based projectors and because it has no air filters to clean or change, this projector offers amongst the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) in the industry.
  • Having only a slight 20% decrease in brightness, the ECO-mode function has the capacity of extending your projector’s life by almost 50% and up to 6,000 hours in some cases. Among some other benefits offered by the ECO-mode operation are a reduced power consumption and less audible noise output.

Best projector and Attractive with at all the terms

The ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector is one of the best projector and most attractive and mobile products currently available, sized at only 5.5 x 13 x 13 inches and weighing in at just 5.7 pounds it makes an ideal projector for the road warrior. It will look amazing both in an office as well as in your home and you will have a great projector with a very cool design.



ViewSonic PJD5123 best choice to watching movies or giving presentations

If you are interested in either watching movies or giving presentations, the ViewSonic PJD5123 is best projector, it is an effective and economical solution. I’ve been reading a lot of other ViewSonic PJD5123 reviews and most agree with me and think that as “I connect it to a laptop with Bose Companion 2 Series II computer speakers it created an exceptional audio video experience.” Another tested this projector and found that he was “completely satisfied with the quality and performance of the projector and would recommend it to anyone in the market.”


Best projectors in it’s price range

At the time of writing this review the ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector is the most popular model currently released by Viewsonic. And in my opinion definitely one of the best projectors in it’s price range. Hopefully this ViewSonic PJD5123 review has helped you learn a little more about the features of this great little product.