Best pocket projector With the type of quality these pocket projectors provide, you would never expect them to be under $300. Bring these handy portable gadgets with you to presentations, campsites, travel destinations, and more, and enjoy clear, bright images anywhere.

Any of the items in this list of the top 8 best pocket projectors may be the best purchase you have made in awhile.

Top 8 Best Pocket Projector Under $300

  1. Optoma EP-PK-101 Pico Pocket Projector by Optoma

You could not be happier with your purchase as you are impressed with the efficiency of this little pocket projector. It includes an extra battery as well. When there is no light, the picture is amazingly bright in spite of it being only 10 lumens. You get 110 minutes of battery life at a lower setting, with an additional battery that offers well over three hours of viewing pleasure. Via USB you should get Recharge Battery or there include the AC charger. Up to 5 fit image size with this projector. iPod, iPhone, iTouch with bundled connection kit are included.


  1. AAXA P4 P4X Pico Projector, 15,000 Hour LED, 95 Lumens, Li-Ion Battery, HDMI, Media Player,  Pocket Size, DLP Projector by AAXA

This pocket projector outperforms recent larger projectors The light is bright enough to project images onto surfaces even with some lights still on. It also reads plenty of video formats. The images are crisp and clear. It comes with Windows CE, so if you’re frequently doing presentations, you can use the built-in software to access word, powerpoint, or excel. iOS and Android compatible pocket projector. Mini HDMI, Mini VGA, MicroSD, USB, 3.5mm Audio Output. Easy to transfer to anywhere.

  1. Optoma PK201 Pico Pocket Projector by Optoma

It’s hard to believe that you can carry this little pocket projector as big as a phone, only thicker, around with you, and spontaneously show your photos or movie in under 30 seconds.  It comes bundled with the cables required to connect your device, as well as a case. You can connect your iPhone, iPad, desktop PC, laptop, and also use an internal micro SD card up to 32 GB. You can find the perfect one by size, image size, Lumens, connectivity and many more criteria.


  1. HDMI Pocket Projector by Brookstone

This pocket projector exceeds your expectations. It is a fine, reliable, easy-to-set-up and use projector. For such a compact device, it offers a clear and strong image. Besides being so conveniently portable, another major thing it has got going is the ability of it to recharge your devices, including phone, tablet, and laptop.


  1. Optoma PK120 DLP, 18 Lumen Pico Projector by Optoma

This reasonably-priced pocket projector has a microSD card slot and audio-out jack, plays from internal memory and various video formats, including songs, pictures, or Powerpoint presentations without connections. It offers excellent image resolution: wide, colorful and sharp.



  1. PP003 Portable Pocket Projector by SVP

This is an amazing pocket projector perfect for anyone to easily hook up an SD Card, iPhone, digital camera, DVD Player, and more. With an extremely compact size just a little larger than a smartphone, it offers an internal battery that is rated for 90 minutes of videos, photo slideshows, or music, as well as an image of size 6 inches to 54 inches diagonal, keystone adjustment, and simple to setup.




  1. Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 Devices by Telstar

Easy to carry and lightweight, this pocket projector offers a nice resolution as well as good backup battery. At its extremely reasonable price, the picture is great! You can enjoy it even when the room isn’t completely dark. Download the Netflix app on your phone and project TV or movies on the wall or even on your ceiling if you’re lying in bed.


  1. Optoma PK320 Pico Pocket Projector by Optoma

This pocket projector offers excellent portability for Powerpoint and video presentations. It definitely meets the needs of a business traveler. You get a clear 112-inch image even 16 feet away from the projection surface. It plays various video formats, so you can place your videos in an SD card and play it straight from there.