Drill press reviews? The drill press refers to a woodworking tool that is primarily used to drill woods or make holes in order to simply different tasks. There are other uses of the best drill press as well that vary with its design- users will be able to know these advantages by reading different drill press reviews. The drill press is basically among the various drill gadgets that is one of the best equipment to be used for different woodworking tasks. Some people call it a benchtop drill press, pedestal drill or a pillar drill just because it can be useful in a number of tasks. The drill press is provided with a standard design where, you will find column attaches or a pillar. The base could be the floor, a bench, a worktable or a stand. So, all in all, it can be said that the drill press has:

  • A pillar or a column
  • A base
  • A spindle or quill
  • A table
  • And a drill head

Since there are numerous types of drill presses available in the market, you have to be really careful while making a decision. You should try to come up with the best drill press in order to derive the results in the way you want. If you are confused, then you are at the right place. Our website has numerous drill press reviews that will help you in finding a good option. The guide will talk about.

Best Drill Press Brands

Delta Drill Press


Delta is among the most famous, reliable and trustworthy best benchtop drill press manufacturers in all over the world. The company has defsigned numerous Delta benchtop drill press with patented table bevels to perform different compound drilling operations. Delta drill press also has T-slots to clamp and removable centers for through-table drilling. Their models Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press and DELTA 17-968 3/4 Horsepower 16-1/2-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press are the top rated machines as they are capable of satisfying customers’ needs in the manner they want. Delta 18-900L has auto-tensioning belt drive system while DELTA 17-968 has variable speed drive system.

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Craftsman Drill Press


Craftsman is another valuable brand when it comes to buying a quality yet cheap drill press.The company prides itself in saying that their drill presses are reasonably charged with maximum efficiency and capabilities to meet all types of requirements. The product line of Craftsman drill press varies from benchtop drills to standing/ floor drills and Radial arm to upright sensitive. So, you will have a huge range of options to choose from. Their Craftsman 12 inch Drill Press and Craftsman 10 in Bench Drill Press w/ Laser Trac has proved to be the best bench drill press with their pinion and rack for height adjustment and efficient drilling of holes.

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Jet Drill Press


Being a professional and durable manufacturer of the best benchtop drill press, Jet claims to manufacture its machines with enthusiasm and realistic approach. All of their products are designed in such a way that they enable you to work efficiently in their shops. Since the Jet drill press is manufactured with quality features and components, you will not have to face any difficulty in accomplishing their goals. From Table Saws to Air Filtration, Jet has complete range for everyone who wants to be perfect! The machines of Jet have chisel capacity, head stroke, built-in work lamp and mortiser to enable users accomplish their goals.

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Powermatic Drill Presspowermatic

Powermatic is all about producing high quality woodworking products that are capable of maximizing utility for the users. The company is dedicated to producing floor/standing as well as radial Powermatic drill press that help users in making a sound decision. Powermatic believes in satisfying customer needs instead of charging a lot from them. Powermatic PM701 1791310 Bench Mortiser and Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B bench drill press can be the most useful models among all because they are provided with mechanical variable speed, digital RPM readout, chisel bushing, mortiser, chuck extension adaptor and chuck key that facilitate users with high quality services and simplify the tasks.

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Skil Drill Press

Skil offers both corded and cordless cheap drill press to enable users come up with the right choice no matter what is the purpose of their use.


The company suggests to have cordless equipment if you want serious home improvements or lightweight repairs. However, in order to work in a small area, corded cheap Skil drill press versions can be a good option. SKIL 3320-01 model has LaserX2 2 Beam Laser system that works efficiently to enable users to come up with the desired results. Their Factory-Reconditioned SKIL 3320-01 is also quite famous among customers because of its 0-45 degree tiling work surface.

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Rockwell Drill Press

Rockwell has been working in the woodworking industry since a long time and they have numerous drill presses to let users complete their tasks with efficiency and effectiveness.


Whether they are in search of a corded/ cordless cheap Rockwell drill press or a floor/standing drill, they have everything users need. All they have to do is to explain the nature of their use. Their Rockwell RK7032 drill press is a highly efficient and dedicated machine that has 5 speed gear box, 3.6 AMP motor and beveling table. Another efficient model of Rockwell is RK7033having 6.2 AMP motor, 5-speed settings, keyed safety switch and pinion and rack table for height adjustment. The brand is dedicated to helping users with the best  drill press for woodworking that can yield results in the way required.

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Types of drill presses

Floor/Standing Drill Press

It is the best drill press for the money that is available in professional woodworking shops. The drill is provided with higher power motors and longer columns that range from 66 inches to 72 inches. The biggest advantage of using this press is that it helps users to perform heavy duty tasks as the table is capable of running with the full length of the column.

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Benchtop Drill Press

Most of the bench drill press versions have smaller capacity chunks, fewer speed and less powerful motors as compared to larger floor models. For a person who uses this drill occasionally, finds a huge advantage in the form of its ability to be tucked in a corner while not in use.

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Radial Arm

Radial arm drill presses are large geared head drill presses in which, users can easily move the head along its arm that used to radiate from the column of the machine. Since it is easier for the machine’s base to swing, the radial arm drill is capable of serving in heavy duty tasks without requiring users to reposition the work piece.

Upright Sensitive

This type of bench top drill press is useful for small drilling tasks that usually have a belt drive spindle head. It is normally used for moderate-to-small tasks as it is a hand fed machine. Upright sensitive drill has got its name due to the addition of hand feeding characteristic as it enables operators to experience or feel the cutting process.

Best 3 Drill Press in The Market

WEN 4208,  8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

WEN 4208 drill is one of the best drill press for the money. The machine is provided with drill press reviewslaser, tools for assembly, ½ Keyed Chuck & Key along with the ability to adjust between five different speeds from 570 RPM to 3050 RPM. The control panel of WEN drill press for woodworking is quite easy to understand, locking linear depth stop is available for repeatable and accurate drilling tasks while its durable 3.2 amperes motor creates ample power and torque. The 7-5/8 x 7-5/8 inches cast iron worktable has rack and pinion height adjustments with bevels that can move left and right up to 45 degrees.

I personally used WEN 4208 and found a drawback that the product is not efficient enough to drill into aluminum. Its motor spindle is not so powerful to effectively work on aluminum or other sturdy materials. Another downside of the WEN drill press for woodworking is that it works efficiently for the first time and becomes inefficient when they try to drill for the second. It seems like it is just designed for one time use.

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SKIL 3320-01 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill Press

SKIL is another brand of drill presses that is dedicated to facilitating people with quality

drill press reviews

machines, having LaserX2 2 Beam Laser System with 5 speeds between 570 RPM to 3050 RPM. The best part about SKIL 3320-01 drill press is that it can move 0.45 degrees to left and tilt right according to the work surface. Its depth adjustment system is another big plus as it makes sure efficient adjustment according to the requirements.

The performance of SKIL 3320 is quite satisfactory and it allows users to complete their work efficiently and effectively. Its laser features will facilitate you to target the area properly and drill at the desired position. Its battery feature will let you freely move wherever you want. However, it is recommended to remove battery when the drill press is not in use. After a lot of research, I came on the conclusion that its performance is satisfactory and it can be used for all types of purposes.

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JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Pressdrill press reviews

JET 20-inch drill press is provided with a 1.5 HP powerful motor that allows users to efficiently perform the desired activities. The smooth travelling table of Jet drill press can lower and raise at the turn of its crank in the way users need and built-in work light along with key and drill chuck is an amazing blend of features that enable users to properly drill.

Its smooth travelling table lowers and rises at the crank turn in a way you will need. It will enable you to smoothly complete the job without having to worry about how to set the degree of drill press or from where to start. Its built-in work light, key and drill chuck also make the machine a preferable or favorable item to invest in.

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Benefits of drill press and why should workers buy a drill press over a hand held drill.

Drill press is one of the most important tools for you no matter where they are located and what is their purpose to use it. They find it easy to accomplish tasks with drill presses as compared to other items because the machine is efficient and knows how to do its work in the best manner. Below are some benefits or reasons about why a person should prefer a drill press.

Benefits of Drill Press


The first and foremost reason to choose drill press is its accuracy. Since most of the woodwork needs drilled holes, you must prefer a drill press in order to create even spaced holes having exact angles, depths and widths.


With high speed, bench top drill press helps users to complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently. They can comfortably set depths and angles without having to be worried about mistakes.


Its powerful motor saves energy of drill press because drilling becomes effortless as compared to handheld drills and it allows you to easily drill large or wider holes.


As mentioned before, drill presses are used to create angled holes into the wood thus maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of work. The machine is dedicated to performing its functions and therefore, helps users to improve the quality of work.


The best drill press is actually a versatile machine which can be of more use than just to drill holes. Most of them work at variable speeds thus, making themselves suitable to be used with other tools, like spindle sander.

Advantage of drill press over a hand held drill

Below are some of the advantages the best drill press for money has over hand held drill press:

  • Drill press does not need much effort to make holes. Its spindle and chuck moves through a lever working on a pinion and rack that facilitates the operator to avail considerable mechanical advantage.
  • The attached table enables a clamp or vise to place and restrain the work, thus making sure the security of the operator.
  • The spindle’s angle is fixed on the table that allows holes to be created consistently and accurately.
  • Drill presses are normally provided with powerful motors that speed up the drilling process with smaller bits.


After reading this guide, you will have complete insight of what you should choose and what are the factors you should ground your decisions on. The benchtop drill press is one of the best investments when it comes to woodworking and it is particularly famous for simplifying numerous heavy duty as well as small tasks.

After reading the drill press reviews of top 3 machines, you will be able to land on a decision that will definitely help you in completing the woodworking tasks. Your best drill press will last for a longer period of time and assist in heavy duty tasks as well.

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